How to Use Motilium for Altitude Sickness

how to cure altitude sicknessAltitude sickness is a condition that happens because of a fast ascent to high altitudes and a relevant decrease in the oxygen amount. Basically, there are three types that include acute or mild mountain sickness, HAPE and cerebral edema. Their main cause is reduced amount of oxygen as altitudes increase.

Altitude Sickness Symptoms

There are both early and later symptoms that characterize this condition. For example, when it comes to its early symptoms, they include unusual fatigue, headache and insomnia. Later the symptoms can be the following:

  • Extreme fatigue;
  • Cerebral edema;
  • Respiratory failure;
  • Shortness of breath and some others.

The good news is that most people who have mild mountain sickness don’t require any medical help, but they still need to go to doctors if their symptoms get worse.

How to Diagnose Altitude Sickness

This condition is often diagnosed by overall clinical condition of patients. Sometimes, they may require such tests as head TC, chest X-ray and others. Some patients also use different home remedies and self-care, including simply descending to lower altitudes, to relieve their bothering symptoms and cure this condition.

How to Treat Altitude Sickness

Nowadays, there are specific medical treatments for this condition, including hyperbaric options, oxygen, OTC pain killers, anti-nausea meds and other pills, such as Motilium. Going to lower altitudes is the most definitive treatment, but you should find out more about Motilium for altitude sickness, because this option proves to be effective and popular.

Most patients who choose self-curing don’t require any follow-up with healthcare professionals, but if they experience cerebral edema or other serious symptoms, they need to get emergency medical help. Effective prevention of this condition includes acclimatizing the human body to increased altitudes. Furthermore, a prognosis for people who suffer from altitude sickness is based on its severity and other key factors. For some patients, acute mountain sickness may resolve without any problem, while others may have health complications that must be handled by qualified doctors.

Why Patients Use Motilium

Motilium is a popular medication that is often used not only to relieve the symptoms of altitude sickness, but it’s also taken to relieve the feeling of being sick or sickness. This symptom is often experienced by many people for different reasons. This effective drug works by helping the human body move food in a stomach through a digestive system faster, thus, helping users to stop feeling sick. However, it’s not allowed to take Motilium for a long time.

Basic Information about Motilium Uses

Before you start taking this medicine for altitude sickness or other conditions, find out more about its possible side effects and read the label to know how to use it correctly. The most common dosage for adult patients is 10 mg or 1 pill, and it should be taken 3 times a day. It’s not allowed to take more than 3 tablets a day because you risk ending up with dangerous overdosing symptoms. Remember that each dose should be taken about 30 minutes before regular meals. In addition, there are some medications that aren’t suitable for people who take Motilium, and this altitude sickness treatment is not advised if you have specific conditions, such as liver problems.